Gold Rainbow Dichroic Glass Drop Earrings on Clear.

Gold Rainbow Dichroic Glass Drop Earrings on Clear.


These stunning drop earrings are mainly gold on clear, but with a 'rock like' texture. Depending on what angle & light hits them, they also show hints of 'rainbows' with green, blue, pink & blue (please see the video). These earrings are different to our generic dichroic earrings due to the fact they are on clear. The clear base gives them a very beautiful shine to them, but they are not as vivid as the ones with black bases.

Approximate hanging size - 4cmx1cm.


Please note that these are handmade & can take up to 1-2 weeks to arrive. I will always strive to get it out to you sooner, but if you need it quickly, please contact me for an exact delivery date.


Designed by O'Hanlon Photography & Alice Hounslow

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