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About Me.

Alice Hounslow completed a BA(Hons) Glass and Ceramics at The University of Sunderland in 2012 and has now started Wonderland Glass to continue her passion for glass.

Alice began working with glass during her GCSE project when she was at Downside School. It was at this time where she discovered the versatility of this unique and rarely used material and fell in love with it. Alice continued to use glass as a medium during her A levels, however she was using the schools ceramic kiln and wanted to learn more techniques so that she could take her work further. After much research as to what was available locally she went on a number of different courses that taught various techniques; she also saved up to buy her first kiln. Eventually she began to build up quite a collection of art and so started selling it under the name of Wonderland Glass. Alice was extremely excited and proud that she was offered a place at her first choice university in Sunderland (which is based within the National Glass Centre). Alice is now concentrating on developing and expanding Wonderland Glass and her aim is to develop it into a successful and well known national glass business.


Artist Statement.

'I express my thoughts and emotions of my art work through the versatility of glass. I am constantly exploring new techniques within this medium to help me create fresh pieces of art. As well as my art work I also create commercial work on commission such as bowls, jewellery, coasters, cuff links, tile edging, wall panels and much more.  Please feel free to have a browse through my online shop, if you can't find what you are looking for then I also create custom products to your specification'

- Alice Hounslow

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